Breakfast Quesadillas


Delicious and easy Breakfast Quesadillas made with bacon, egg and cheese. Enjoy them for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


  1. Posted by tylerdale19, — Reply

    How are people saying it’s nasty? It’s bacon and eggs with cheese lol also Americans are a giant mix of ppl from everywhere else aside from natives.... so our food is just a mix of other cultures. So try again with the hate on our food 😘

  2. Posted by sotoanaaa, — Reply

    If you think this recipe is gross then you clearly cook like shit. Why eat something if you’re gonna hate it? Go eat a fuckin banana.

  3. Posted by sheryl2319, — Reply

    watched this video and it helped getting mine to stick together didn’t know how to do that and it made cutting it much easier.

  4. Posted by julesmac2328, — Reply

    I am vegetarian, so I made mine with salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, eggs and sour cream. So good!!

  5. Posted by camilemor, — Reply

    Eww American cheese in a quesadilla, that should be fucking illegal, DISGUSTING!

  6. Posted by amhernandez5490, — Reply

    That looks so good, I have a quesadilla maker so I could just put the stuff on there.

  7. Posted by glittertruffle, — Reply

    that's so funny! I tried to turn my tortilla and it fell apart :)

  8. Posted by lillyhoffman1627, — Reply

    Super delicious perfect for school breakfast to

  9. Posted by danielanavam, — Reply

    You americans and your failure to make good food (:

  10. Posted by acalderonvallin, — Reply

    No mamen los mexicanos viendo esto insultados 👁️👄👁️

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